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Sisti Counseling Services LLC

While her physical location may be out of reach for you, her words and insights she shares on her blog and resource page may be of value to you. We all need support and that may include the professional support of a counselor, there surely is a lot to process in being a Mama, as well as in the other roles we identify with. Let's face it, being human is worthy of support!


This kind, loving, and gentle soul is a great resource for a healthful pregnancy and birth.  A mother of two, business owner, pet groomer extraordinaire, blogger and fiance-- she strives to find balance and presence.

For more on her story and services, like her facebook page and visit her website

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Erica Nicole- Birth Doula and Clean Living Enthusiast

Taylor Davis- Doula Services

Taylor is a mother, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Activist, and Doula Trainer.  Her passion for supporting women through empowered labor/birth stems from her personal birth experience and knowledge as a professional.


For more about Taylor and her services, like her Facebook page and visit her website 


Krista Maltais-Relief Founder & Owner, AdvPCD/PDT(DONA), ALC

Krista is an Advanced Lactation Consultant, a DONA International Advanced Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Doula Trainer, and a Certified Childlight Yoga Infant & Toddler Instructor. She is also the Founder and Owner of Relief - Parenting Respite & Resource Center and Relief Doula Agency.

Relief is a Meca offers support services from pre-conception to Parenting supports and everything in between. Click the link above to learn more about Krista and all the other providers at Relief, also visit and like the Facebook Page

Darcy Sauers- Dover Doula

A Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant, Podcaster, facilitator or the Seacoast Mom and Baby Expo and fierce advocate for women's wellbeing-- the seacoast is mightily lucky to have Darcy in it!!

Darcy understands the importance and special nature of the postpartum time, offering nurturing support for both mother and baby to bond and heal.

For more on Darcy and all her amazing-ness, check out her facebook page, Podcast, and Website

Postpartum Nutrition Support

Meg Whitehead- Small Batch Wellness


Meg, founder of Small Batch Wellness is a Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in postpartum care. Established in 2015, Small Batch Wellness works locally and virtually with clients in all stages of healing and repletion to facilitate deep nourishment. Meg blends her knowledge in modern-day, evidence-based nutrition with Ayurveda & folk herbalism to create a protocol specific to the birthing person. Meg will provide in-home (bedside) meal services combining nutrient-dense foods and herbs with time-honored ancestral approach to postpartum.