I have known Rose for about ten years now as she was my former pitching coach for softball. Her encouragement and guidance instilled the confidence and knowledge in me that was necessary to become the best version of myself on and off the softball field. While being my pitching coach she did much more than assist me with new pitches, speed, and accuracy. She covered the importance of nutrition to ensure that I was getting the proper nutrients needed to fuel myself with the energy that pitching demands. As life went on and my softball career came to a stop, she kept in touch. Rose is consistent and committed. After becoming pregnant and giving birth to my daughter, I had the opportunity to receive wellness coaching from her. A child can bring upon major changes and different responsibilities that can be difficult to manage at times. Rose has been an amazingly resourceful person when discussing activities and plans to best assist me in the balancing act of this tiring, yet beautifully rewarding time in my life.

~Alexis Palmisano

Meeting Rose has had a profound impact on my wellness journey and life in general. I had the pleasure of working with Rose toward the end of my 2nd pregnancy and she helped me identify the need for self-care and self-compassion —especially in the wake of being a busy, working mom. She empowered me to get off the overstressed hustle train that is so predominant in our culture and to lean into balancing more feminine energy and tapping into my own intuition. Her resourcefulness and gentle approach helped me through this season and many since. Her approach truly embodies mind, body, spirit, and as I have been working through some hormonal issues she has helped me see the issues as a multifaceted entity and empowered to me to heal holistically. Offering a safe space for others, Rose is a gifted coach, yoga teacher, writer, and spiritual mentor. Regardless of the container, her essence is gentle and compassionate and she has an innate talent for creating spaces that mirror this essence. I highly recommend her services and am grateful for her role in my own transformation. 

~Jennifer Savage