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Let's get to know each other, I'll start with a bit about me

Hey there you beautiful soul, I’m Rose, and I have decided I am ready to live and love big, to let my light shine brightly, and I am here to invite you to do the same.


Let's face it, it is hard to find the time and space to care for yourself, to meet your own needs, and fill your own cup but there is nothing more important than your health and happiness.



Just like you, it took me a while to get the hang of this whole mom thing, especially with regards to balancing my needs with those of my family. Shit, in some ways, I'm still figuring it out!


What I do know is, being a mom is a hard and messy job, it is both challenging and rewarding, and we need to honor ourselves through all of the twists and turns.


Moms need a solid and consistent self-care practice; we need creative outlets and passion projects, we need to partake in energizing enjoyable movement and develop behaviors that nourish our souls so we can live VIBRANTLY.


We need a village, a support network, a tribe to manage all the responsibilities and demands that come with mom-ing.


The hard truth--we have to make the space, ask for the support, and find the motivation-- we have to step up and take care of ourselves, while we care for our families.

To THRIVE in the mom game, you need to put yourself at the top of your to-do list!

Are you ready to make your health and happiness your top priority?


Let's be clear-- I've struggled in the self-care department, before and after becoming a mom.


The TRUTH behind much of my struggle was I didn't know who I was, I did not love and accept myself. I gave way too many F's about what other people think of me for way too F'n long, and

I let myself live in fear.


These struggles started long before becoming a mom, but it became more apparent and pressing for me to deal with them because of motherhood. Self-care and learning to love myself were catapulted to the top of my to-do list because I want to embody and model the importance of these values and health to my child.

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Our impression of ourselves and the world is developed at an early age.

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As a child, I was very outgoing, expressive, and like all children — I was curious.


I had no worries about my health or thoughts about my bodies shape or size.


A rolly polly baby that turned into a somewhat pudgy little girl and at 9 years old a loving and well-meaning family member expressed concerns about my weight, suggesting that I get involved in sports and so I became an athlete.


However, I internalized this conversation as well as the pervasive societal messaging about female beauty and body size; and thus had a tumultuous and at times harmful relationship with my body all through my teenage years and into my mid-twenties.


I believed-- pretty = worthy/well-liked-- and skinny = attractive/successful


At some point, I also developed the subconscious belief that in order to be loved, I had to "be good," "do good" and "look good." 


I craved attention and underlying all my efforts to be loved and perceived as good, I felt that if I wasn't ever "good enough." 

Our beliefs about ourselves are the most critical predictors of our behaviors, to thrive we need to align our beliefs with our actions.

For many years I rode the rollercoaster of diets and exercise programs because of my beliefs about whom I needed to be and how I needed to look.


I couldn't see the beauty and strength of my body because of the number on the scale or because I was comparing myself to some fitness/beauty ideal and evaluating myself as less-than. I cast so much judgment on my body.


Beauty comes from the inside, it is a feeling and way of being, I know that now.

I turned to food to comfort myself in the face of hard emotions, and at times I used drugs and alcohol to escape from being in my own skin, as a means of coping with stress and to "fit in" and be well-liked.

So much of my life was spent people pleasing, doing whatever I felt I needed to be perceived as capable, confident, and attractive. I looked for external validation of my worth and sourced all of my self-esteem and confidence from other peoples praise. 

We need to STOP assessing our value on external things and see the inherent value in who we are.

When I entered the land of "What am I going to do with my Life" aka college the athlete-self led the way in figuring it out. I decided to pursue Physical Education.


Honestly, I am not sure what I learned in terms of academics while in college, most of my time was focused on athletics and my social status while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. One thing is for sure it was by far the most unhealthy time of my life. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually; I was lost.  


When I left the "safety net" of college, I still had no idea what I was going to do, and man was I feeling low about myself.

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My world turned upside down when I started my wellness career in 2007, it was here my path became clear.

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For seven years, I was charged with supporting persons with severe mental illness and a multitude of chronic health conditions, with adopting a healthier lifestyle. I was humbled by the human suffering and hardship I witnessed and forever changed by this experience.

Simultaneously, I adopted a LIFESTYLE that made me feel stronger, more confident and capable in my body; I began feeling more connected with my body and took ownership of my own health and happiness.

I learned a tremendous amount during this time. I became fascinated by human behavior and psychology, received copious amounts of training and obtained personal training and wellness coaching certifications.


I observed and experienced the power that physical activity and improved eating habits have on all aspects of our well-being.


I saw firsthand how greatly our health is impacted by our thoughts and the self-limiting beliefs we carry. 

Our beliefs and ability to cope with stress dictate the choices that we make.

Becoming a mother was the next chapter of my transformation.

I can wholeheartedly say that my pregnancy was the happiest and healthiest time of my life.


I experienced unconditional love and acceptance that I had previously never known or had been able to give to myself.


I was intentional with my choices and considerate of how they impacted the life growing inside me.

 I had high expectations to carry my self-care practices into motherhood, I vowed I would make myself a priority, to keep a balance and honor my own needs.

Then motherhood rocked me like a tidal wave.

A few sleepless weeks turned into many months and with that came questions and doubts, high anxiety and depression at times.


My self-care practices were so much harder to come by and my relationship with myself took a turn for the worse. On top of that, I was constantly beating myself up for "failing" to achieve all my pre-baby expectations.


I began feeling like I had lost my identity.


The passion and purpose to be of service to others kept calling for me, but I couldn't respond.


I was hiding, keeping myself feeling small and ignoring a little voice inside that whispered continuously "be of service," "share your gifts," "be the light."



What I have come to realize that the main "struggle" of my motherhood journey thus far was how much I let the negative voice in my head influenced my perception of reality.


While the last few years have been a challenge (growth period) I actually wasn't doing as "bad" as I relentlessly told myself I was. In reality, I have maintained many health habits and self-care practices.

Additionally, I became a yoga teacher and found a deep spiritual practice, and started revealing my deeply rooted fears. I have healed old wounds. I now know what it means to have self-compassion and how important it is to allow myself to be real and vulnerable with others.


I learned how to get out of my head and live from my heart.

Somewhere in this whole process, I discovered myself, my true self. My light and my dark, flawed and whole, perfectly imperfect self.


photo credit- Avelon Art and Photography

So that's my story; one of a striving athlete with body image issues and zero relationship to self — to — a recovering perfectionist, yogini, mindful mama; who is slowly but surely falling in love with herself.


I'm here, ready to keep doing the healing and growing alongside any other mama who is prepared to show up for herself.

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  • Hold the space for you to share your BIG DREAMS and LIFE'S VISION, and witness you realizing your dreams.

  • Support you in living your most vibrant, abundant, passion-filled life.

  • Support the development and maintenance of a mindset and lifestyle that lights you up!

  • Acknowledge that you are the expert of your own life, you have the answers and the control to live your fullest life!

  • Watch you develop hyper self-awareness of your self-limiting beliefs so you can break free of self-sabotaging behaviors.

  • See you find a level of contentment, acceptance, and love for yourself just as you are, so that you may expand into your highest potential.

  • Offer resources, self-care practices, recipes, and other tools to help you THRIVE!

  • Encourage you to face fears, be vulnerable, and pursue goals outside of your comfort zone.

  • Observe as you courageously move from being stuck in your head to HEART CENTERED LIVING.

  • Smile as you step into your light and LOVE YOURSELF. 

So, are you ready to, SHINE YOUR LIGHT, MAMA?

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*Scroll to the bottom to skip right to my Professional Bio and Credentials*


Rose Schieck is a Yogini Mama, Health and Wellness Coach, RYT 200, Energy Medicine Yoga Level one teacher, Reiki I & II Master, creative and lover of all things local. Rose is also the owner and operator of Mamaste Well, a Mama on a mission to see all Mama's shine their light and live well.


Before motherhood Rose spent nearly a decade working for the In SHAPE program, a cutting edge wellness program, designed to improve the physical and mental health of persons living with severe mental illness. It was during this time that Rose developed an intense sense of purpose for being of service to others.


While Rose has been passionate about supporting others on their path to optimal well-being for many years, becoming a mother ignited a deeper level of understanding of herself, a clear seeing of her inner workings and a sincere desire to support other mothers in loving and accepting themselves. Rose believes awareness is the starting point for all behavior change, and acceptance is the key to healing limiting beliefs and transcending towards the higher self.


Yoga has been a very powerful component of Rose’s self-care and personal growth, and thus she decided to deepen her practice and fulfill a longtime goal in becoming a Yoga Alliance certified teacher in 2017. She currently teaches classes at Live Free Yoga in Epping, NH; and also teaches Yoga to support addiction recovery for the Seacoast Area of Yoga Teachers in Action a non-profit providing access to yoga for at-risk and underserved populations.


As a coach and teacher Rose approaches health and well-being from the perspective that developing a strong relationship to self, having hyper self-awareness and unconditional self-love; are the key ingredients to vibrant living.

Professional Bio

Rose's Background:

  • Owner of Happy, Healthy, Empowered for Life LLC. 2014-present

  • Energy Medicine Yoga Level One Teacher 2019- present

  • Reiki I & II Practitioner 2020

  • Yoga Alliance- Certified 200HR Yoga Teacher 2017- present

    • Baptiste Power Yoga

    • Yin Yoga

    • Restorative Yoga

    • Adaptive Chair Yoga

    • Yoga for 12-Step Recovery

  • Wellcoaches- Certified Health and Wellness Coach 2014- 2020​

  • American College of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer 2009-2017

  • Health Mentor 2007-11 and Supervisor 2011-14 of the In SHAPE Program at Riverbend CMHC Concord, NH


  • Presented on “Mindful Health” as a Guest Speaker at the American Heart Associations of NH’s Annual Go Red Women’s Luncheon 2017


  • Bachelors Degree in Physical Education with a focus on Health and Fitness Administration from Plymouth State University


  • A seven-time attendee of the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Summit


  • Trained in Basic and Advanced Motivational Interviewing

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