I see you. I hear you. I feel you.


I see the way that you throw yourself to the flame in sacrifice to meet the needs of your family, many times before your own. I see you offering love to others so freely. I hear your worries, doubts, and fears. I hear you quietly whispering "what about my dreams." I understand your frustrations when your wants and needs go unmet. I have experienced the guilt, worry, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress you feel about keeping it all together, about being “a good mom.” I feel your need for more time, more patience, more energy, more space to create and do what sets your soul on fire.


You have an identity all your own, and while one of the hats that you wear is the hat of mom (and my how special that hat is), you have desires and dreams, you have interests and talents to be pursued. You, my dear, have a GLOWING LIGHT inside you.


I see and honor the beautiful light that shines in you and though it may feel dim at times, just know that it is always shining. Your light shines love, joy, strength, wisdom, passion, and purpose. You deserve the time and space to brighten your light, to hear the calling of your heart, and to do what is needed to live in the state of your highest self. The best part is, you can take solace in knowing that living from this place ultimately means you are living in your best state of Mama. Your whole family will benefit from the care and attention that you give to yourself. The truth is you can be all the Mama you want to be, while still having dreams all your own, this I know.


So here I am offering my passion and purpose from this place of knowing and feeling, from the pure desire to see all Mamas live life to the fullest.


It would truly be my honor to support you in flipping that dimmer switch up and shining your light brilliantly for all the world to see.  


You are worthy. You are beautiful and strong. You are ready.


Let us walk together on the path of your dreams and live a Happy, Healthy, and Empowered Life!


Mamaste Well,




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